Dining as a diverting activity for friends and neighbors.

Here at Hot Pot Vegas, we bring the interactive experience to you with the most authentic Chinese flavors, freshest ingredients and knowledgeable staff to help make sure your visit to our restaurant is memorable, delicious and most importantly, fun!


Hot-pot cooking is all about fresh ingredients that you cook up yourself in a savory broth, resulting not only in a delicious bowl of goodness but also a social occasion, with dining turned into a diverting activity.

In China, one of the more popular ways to dine out with friends and family is to hit a hot-pot restaurant. At these often raucous halls, you order a bubbling cauldron of broth — in Sichuan, it’ll be spicy; northerners tend to like milder lamb broth — and then dump in a progression of thin slices of fat-ribboned meat, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and noodles. Once everything is cooked, you fish out a morsel with your chopsticks and dip it in a custom made dipping sauce or maybe some sesame paste, eat it and then start all over. It’s an interactive experience like fondue, and a good way to while away several hours.  

The Hot Pot Vegas experience is all about taking the comforts of traditional Chinese family dining and presenting them to our guests, in a more personal way that can be enjoyed by yourself or with others. With our variety of options and specials, we are proud to serve you traditional flavors with our own personal twist. Try it once and you will love it.