Part Of The Beauty Of Hot Pot Is That Every Aspect Of It Is Both Customizable And Social.

A steaming and rapidly bubbling pot of your broth of choice—it could be pork bone, seafood, veggies—is surrounded by plates of ruby red slices of raw rib eye, threads of mushroom, honeycomb beef tripe, and silken tofu waiting to be cooked in it. You can make your own dipping sauce to be used once your meat and vegetables are prepared, adding as much or as little sesame paste, garlic, or hoisin as you’d like to a small saucer. And when it comes to dining with a group of friends, catering to all types of tastes is easy. You are a vegetarian? Get a meat-free broth, pile on the leafy greens, and indulge in the many forms that tofu takes.


Hot pot is the ultimate celebratory meal, combining warmth, a sense of extravagance and plenty of food choice, and most important family and friends gathered around a bubbling centerpiece of enjoyment. Interactive all the way, comforting and exciting all at once, hot pot is the best way to entertain and be entertained. Whether you’re rejoicing over Chinese New Year, or merely making it through another snowy winter, hot pot is the best way to warm your hearts — and stomachs — every season.


Our restaurant is specialized in hot pot and Asian fusion cuisines with hints of authentic and comforting flavors. Come in and try our different options of freshly made, daily prepped home style broths.